Anritusu / Wiltron 68369A/B/NV 40 Ghz Signal Generator/Sweeper

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We Sell ,Repair/ Calibrate, Auto realign and provide Parts for all 68xxx , 69xxx and MGxxx Anritsu/ Wiltron Signal Generators , It’s one of our specialties. Attached is a screen shot of the automated procedure that realigns flatness, yto centering, freq standard,etc… It ends in giving us a pass or fail for the calibration.


Features • 120 models for perfect fit to any application • Ultra-low SSB phase noise; –100 dBc at 10 kHz offset from 10 GHz • 0.01 to 65 GHz frequency coverage in a single coaxial output • Waveguide extensions to 110 GHz • Economical upgrades • +17 dBm maximum power, –125 dBm minimum power • Internal AM, FM, øM, pulse modulation • User down-loaded complex modulation


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